Estate is an area containing a large number of houses or apartments built closely together, hence has high level of burglaries and robberies due to large influx of people.

It is therefore, highly imperative to make sure that security is as tight as possible. To help you get started, we have compiled list of suggestions/tips, as to some of the ways you can improve your estate security.

  • Fencing

Fencing is one of the most important forms of property protection. It can be used in industrial or commercial environments to provide maximum security for assets, storage areas as well as open spaces on the property. Security fences can come equipped with additional features like razor wire and barbed wire, as well as sensors designed specifically to detect movement. Other types might include a camera system that will capture any intruders who happen upon its sight line by means of motion sensor detection systems which are also typically installed.

  • Residential Security Forum

It is very useful to have a regular forum, or meeting opportunity for residents, to discuss any security problems, issues relating to access control, specific unfortunate incidents, new crime statistics and information on active syndicates in your area, or simply to have a conversation with the operations team of the security guards, to ensure that the security of the estate remains of a high quality and to promote the relations between residents and the security personnel. These forum notes can also be distributed to all residents to ensure effective internal communication.

It is best to keep in mind that no security measures, procedures or technology can replace the vigilant and observant actions of all residents, maintenance staff and security personnel.

Maintaining authentic relationships, both internal and external, makes for a blissful estate and will go a long way to protect the harmony of the residents and all staff operating within the estate. Safety and security remains an act of cooperation.

  • Lightening

Making sure your outdoor areas are well-illuminated is an effective way to keep potential criminals at bay. A well-lit house not only indicates that there are people at home, but it also makes any suspicious activity clearly visible to you and your neighbors.

  • Do Regular Site Inspections

Make sure to check the entire Estate and perimeter fence, both internally and externally at least once a month, for any breakages, damage to parameter wires, faulty cameras, entrance gates, and security beams. The purposes of these inspections are to identify visible risks and problems and to correct or repair them timeously.

  • Use Reliable Guarding Companies

It is of critical importance that you award the monthly security and guarding contract, where applicable, to reputable and accredited security companies. As many of the security procedures and responses rely on competent and well trained security staff, it is vital that the service provider invests in the necessary accreditation and industry norms to ensure maximum competence to your estate.

·         Be Wary of Service Providers

In many residential estates, residents often make use of a range of service providers for services and products such as internet installations, fixing a burst pipe, install an appliance, or even mow the lawn, be wary of the areas of your house that they have access to. Criminals can easily pose as a service provider, as the position allows them unfettered access to your home, free of your suspicion. Make sure service providers are supervised and aren’t wandering around your home freely with an opportunity to unlatch a window or disable a camera.
Also, It will be in the interest of the estate to make use of an approved list of service providers, or to clearly define the process for a new service provider, to do work in the estate. These requirements or rules will ensure that only reputable external companies gain access to the estate. It is also good, to have on record, the personal details of the service provider in question, should any security incidents occur.
  • Perform Security System Tests and Audits

It is important to make sure all the different estate security features and systems are in a working condition. Make sure the appropriate alarms are activated in case of a breach and that the security personnel are aware of their responsibilities in such instances. Also make sure that panic buttons and armed response services react timeously. To compare and improve future tests, it is important to record all responses, reaction times, human and system errors and impractical procedures. Perform these tests and audits at least once a quarter.

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