How To Improve Your Parking Lot Safety

As an owner who cares about your employees and the customers, you should ensure that everyone on your property should feel safe at all times. And between collisions and crimes, parking lots are way riskier than you think. The studies show that parking facilities are the 3rd-most frequent place where violent crimes occur in today’s time. 

To make your parking areas more secure, we’ve put together a few parking lot safety tips methods to help you keep everyone on your property safe and happy. 

Install good lighting 

The best parking lot for criminals to carry out their tasks are the one that has the dimmest lighting and is usually dark. The reason is apparent that is it is easier to commit crimes without being able to stand out or be recognized by anyone. This is the reason you need to have ample lighting in your parking lot. 

Access control 

Having access control means you can monitor who is entering and exiting your parking lot and when. You can use gates, security booths, etc. This makes anyone who wants to carry out anything crime think twice as they would have to pass through access control. As for your staff security, you can also suggest they have a buddy along with them while leaving for their safety. 

Install Security Cameras 

One of the best solutions for businesses, especially those with a limited budget, is installing security cameras in parking, making parking lots safer. Having CCTV in parking areas can be easily monitored during any staff is on-site during working hours and off-hours; they can be monitored by off-site personnel. Installing cameras helps deter crimes like tagging, harassment, theft, and vandalism, but they also help solve by providing an excellent resource. 

Make your parking lot safer with the proper precautions. You can contact Citadel Security to provide you with the best parking lost security plans that will make all your employees and customers feel safe and secure. 

Whether you want your mobile patrols to be done on foot, or via vehicle, here are a few reasons why your business needs to adopt mobile security patrols. 

Visibly Deter Crime 

Having someone patrolling in uniform doesn’t matter whether they are armed or not, just by the physical appearance of such guards sends the message that the place/area is being watched. In case of dangerous situations, such as theft, robbery, break-in, or burglary, opting for mobile patrol is a great way to fill this gap in coverage. 

Respond Quickly to Emergencies 

Mobile patrol staff provides on-site support for tasks when there is no other staff available. The patrols are conducted at random intervals along predetermined routes. In case of any dangerous situations or alarm sounds, there will be guards who will respond quickly. All real-time updates and incident reports will be reported to you so that you are always aware of what’s going on. So, now you can have peace of mind knowing that your security team is there to guard the premise. 

Perform Various Security Checks 

Patrol guards can perform various security checks. They ensure that all the doors and windows are locked, and the building is secured by properly inspecting every area. According to our client’s requirements, our guards perform many other on-demand security services too. 


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