There are a lot of stereotypes about security guards. The movies or TV series have caused many of them, sometimes they are results of a one-time story in the news, but the most common misconceptions come from the lack of knowledge.

Many people think that the job of a security guard is boring, doesn’t require any training, and doesn’t entail actual responsibilities. The truth is the opposite. Security guards play an essential role in ensuring the safety of the people and properties they protect. Their work is extremely important and requires a diverse range of qualities.

In this blog, we are going to dispel the most common myths about security guards and help you better understand the characteristics of their job.

Security guards don’t need any training

The first and most often repeated misconception is the one claiming that security guards don’t need any training, and anybody can work as one. In reality, security guards are highly trained in various areas: Physical Fitness, Retail Loss Prevention, Access Control, Emergency Procedures, problem-solving techniques, Patrol Techniques and more.

Security guards need to know how to act in various situations and how to solve a wide variety of issues. They must gain experience in anticipating possible scenarios and choosing the right reactions. It’s also important for a security guard to always stay alert and vigilant, so they have to learn what the potential risks are and what should draw their attention in different places.

It’s worth mentioning that, apart from standard training that every security guard receives, they need to go through additional ones specific to their workplace. That’s because their duties are different when they work in an office or a warehouse and when they secure an event.

Nowadays, training related to technological devices plays an important part as well. Security guards are experienced in handling high-tech security systems such as alarms, access control gear, guard tour devices, screening devices, etc.

Security guards should be muscular and big

Contrary to the common myth, security guards don’t have to look like a professional strongman. Indeed, their physical fitness is a valuable quality. However, it doesn’t mean their muscles have to be visible. The truth is, a well-built guard can surely deter criminals, but some other skills and qualities are more important and can serve equally well in a dangerous situation.

Observational skills, ability to stay focused and alert, or good communication skills help security guards in their main tasks, which are de-escalating conflicts and preventing crime.

What’s more, big and muscular guards don’t fit every workplace. Some companies look for regular size guys who can melt into the crowd, stay invisible, and not attract attention. It’s especially important for businesses from the corporate environment, the hospitality industry, or for event organizers.

So, anyone who wants to be a security guard shouldn’t worry about their looks, as training and experience are far more important and valuable.

A woman cannot be a security guard

Without a doubt, the security guards industry is male-dominated. Probably most of the people asked about a typical security guard has a man in mind. But that doesn’t mean there are no women in this business. As mentioned before, skills, training, and experience are the essential qualities of a good security guard. And they can be possessed by both men and women.

Currently, there is a visible trend of hiring women as security guards. On the one hand, it’s for the diversity reason, but on the other hand, it’s because women bring into the industry a set of valuable characteristics that as very much needed in this job. Women can be very empathetic, and their communication skills are widely recognized. It’s also an advantage that women sometimes notice different things than men, so together they can make a great team and be even more efficient in preventing issues.

It’s too expensive to hire security guards

Many people think that they can’t afford security guards services. But the offer of security agencies is extensive and can be customised to the needs of each business or individual person. Agencies such as KUS, are very customer-focused and design their services for every client based on the specificities of a business or a property. Their security guards can protect big retail companies, small local hotels, and private premises.

The cost doesn’t have to be high, and it’s definitely lower than the loss caused by burglaries, thefts, or vandalism. So, it’s worth investing money in your own safety and, in consequence, in your peace of mind.

Security guards always carry a gun

Security guards are not police officers, and in the majority of workplaces, they don’t carry a gun. It’s sporadic for security guards to have it, and it requires them to participate in additional training and to follow additional safety procedures.

It seems to be a common misconception that the job of a security guard consists mostly of quick, aggressive reactions that solve the problem. It’s quite the opposite. Security guards, above all, try to anticipate potential risks and prevent them. Their goal is to avoid crime and not to let the problem escalate.

Communication skills are not useful in security guard’s work

As mentioned in almost all previous points, communication skills are essential in the security guard’s job. Guard’s responsibilities often include greeting customers, giving information or directions, and cooperating with other employees. Contact with people makes up a considerable part of their work, so guards are trained to interact with people in an empathetic and polite way. Nowadays, good communication skills, next to problem-solving qualities, are what employees are looking for the most in the security guard.

As you can see, stereotypes may be very misleading. Security guards are highly trained professionals who every day ensure the safety of people and properties. Their work is very demanding and requires a wide range of skills and qualities, such as the ability to communicate with people or to work as part of a team. It’s worth remembering that these skills are what makes a person a good security guard, not his or her gender or appearance.

Hopefully, we managed to dispel the most common myths, and after reading this article, you understand security guards’ work better!