Security for Hotels & Hospitality Businesses

In this post, we’ll offer an overview of hotel security services and why they matter.

Hotel security: an extension of your brand
Whether you’re running a large city-centre hotel or a boutique establishment in a remote rural district, your customers will expect to be safe, secure and treated with the utmost respect. Your own staff will, of course, be trained to be attentive and courteous, but those qualities need to be displayed consistently. It only takes one failure for the customer experience to be spoiled, so if you’re planning to appoint outsourced security staff, it’s essential that their training extends beyond the basics. Approachability and customer care are also vital skills for a good security professional.

In the hospitality business, there’s a balance to be struck between unobtrusiveness and reassurance. No one wants a hotel environment to have the atmosphere of an airport security check but, equally, customers also like to feel that the establishment is a safe haven where they can relax; where they and their possessions are safe. A good security company can do a lot to reinforce this impression without becoming an overbearing presence.

Security and first impressions
First impressions count, and that’s as true of hotel security as anything else. Consequently, it might be worth your talking to a security specialist to advise you on how to establish perimeter systems that are safe, visible and an effective deterrent against theft and intrusion.

Visibility matters because it’s the presence of features such as parking barriers, security signage, CCTV and external lighting that will help to shape customers’ impressions when they first arrive on site. Measures should be robust but not inconvenient for guests. If you can achieve that, then you’ll already be sending subtle signals to your customers that they can expect excellent care.

Routine security services
A good hotel security company should be able to offer a comprehensive suite of services, but your business won’t necessarily need to take advantage of all of them. Packages should be tailored to account for factors such as your hotel’s location, size, amenities and footfall. Here again, having meaningful early discussions with a security adviser can be invaluable. Choosing the right package of services will ensure that your business and guests stay safe, but that you don’t pay more than you have to.

When considering what sort of support you may need, it’s helpful to consider the services that could potentially make up your ideal package. The following are examples, but other services are available to suit different markets and conditions.

External patrols
External security patrols are essential for ensuring that a hotel’s grounds and any parking facilities are secure and well maintained. The nature of the patrol will depend on the size of the grounds but the mere presence of uniformed staff has at least two important benefits. First, it helps to reassure customers that they are in safe hands; second it is a visible deterrent to opportunistic thieves and would-be vandals.

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