K9 Security

From screening for explosive materials to crowd control, the highly trained guard dogs on our K9 security teams play an important role.Experience the added security benefit of our K9 security units.

When it comes to public safety and securing certain environments, the significant contribution of professionally trained and handled guard dogs no longer needs to be proven.

From airports and ports to stadiums, shopping malls and anywhere else where crowd safety can be a concern, the guard dogs from our K9 security units add a layer of protection to our security services.

Security dogs can form an important part of ensuring your business and property are totally safe and secure. Dogs can sense even the most well-hidden intruders from a distance due to their heightened senses, in a way that humans cannot. They will protect their handler and show controlled aggression when faced with threatening behaviour.

Dog Handling

Deploying a security dog team can have many benefits compared to just guards alone. The presence of a security dog on patrol is likely to deter criminals from targeting your premises and will often lead any potential trespassers to avoid your property.

In addition to this, if an intruder does ever gain access to your property, the security guard and dog teams are able to detain a suspect with little resistance until the police arrive. As well as being fully trained to work with their dogs, all of our handlers are all trained in both Dog Handling and Physical Security, thereby giving you the dual benefit of both.   Their high level of training also means that the dogs will pose no risk to any staff members or authorized visitors to your site.