5 Tips to have better Security at Your Small Retail Business

No matter how big or small the retail store may be, all types of retailers are susceptible to shoplifting and theft. But for some small retail businesses, theft prevention and having a better security services plays a huge role and makes the difference between their profit and loss. If you’ve faced problems with theft in the past or want to learn how to prevent theft and protect your business, then this article is for you. 

Keep your store organised 

Keeping your store well organised makes it easy to identify whether something has gone “missing” from your store. When a thing is taken, there will be a space on your shelves and a visual cue to signal something has gone wrong. 

Beware of peak shoplifting times 

Most shoplifters act when the store is at its busiest—the incidents of shoplifting increase between Wednesday and Saturday. And not to forget, seasonal shoplifting usually happens during high-demand shopping periods before Christmas, Easter, summertime, and other holidays. 

Place a door bell and install CCTV Camera

While you are busy dealing with customers, it becomes hard to watch on people when you don’t know they’ve walked in the store’s door. By putting a bell on your store’s door to alert your staff every time a new customer walks in or leaves. Some stores opt alarm instead of a bell, but the sound of alarms can be off-putting to genuine customers and can also ruin the mood for them while shopping. A bell would be a much better option because it makes a much more pleasant noise. 

Keep a written security policy 

Keeping a security policy helps employees and staff immediately take action as they know precisely how to react and what to do if they suspect any presence of shoplifters. 

Contact a reputable security company 

By hiring a reputable security company, they can help your retail business prevent theft and shoplifting. The security company can help you keep a watchful eye over your store, and also, the shoplifters will take a U-turn when they spot a security guard at your store. 

Kings Unique Security are happy to answer customer questions about how to prevent theft and shoplifting. For more information, contact us today. 

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